About Belleville & Sons

Belleville & Sons mission is to create heirloom quality furniture and decor, that will truly last a lifetime. That its intrinsic value will be appreciated by generations to come. Life time guarantee.

Hello and welcome, and thank you for taking the time to visit Belleville and son's. We are confident that our product will stand out when compared to that of our competitors.

First of all the wood, we use lodge pole pine, harvested from the Okanagan highlands, a vast high altitude plateau, this high altitude combined with the species natural tendency to grow in thick stands makes for a very close growth ring, and consequently a very strong fiber, perfect for making furniture from. This species and growth profile are extremely under utilized, and are most often either trampled on or pushed into huge piles and burnt as slash, in commercial logging operations. Their worth and beauty unappreciated.

The primary method of joining wood in our furniture is the time tested mortise and tenon joint, a superior way of connecting end to cross grain. We compliment the union with a mechanical fastener hidden inside the blind mortise and tenon. The addition of the mechanical component to the traditional system offers ultimate performance, and the ability to break down and reassemble our products to facilitate the event, of having to move the piece to another location.

As to the who?, my name is Wayne Belleville. And I have been employed in the log home industry for over twenty years, and during that time was always interested in building furniture, and experimented extensively. When a nagging back injury necessitated the switch to a different form of employment I started to look at furniture as a way to continue doing what I loved, and knew. And so Belleville and sons was born.

Every effort is put into the creation of our products, and much thought into the design and practical use that our products will receive. It is our intention to build heirloom quality furniture and decor that will be able to be enjoyed for generations to come. In a time of disposable everything isn't it nice to know that your purchase from Belleville and sons will be around as long as you are?

Wayne Belleville